My Europe 2100 e.V.


Europe is currently threatened on two fronts – firstly by the rise of an anti-European, rightwing populism and, secondly, by global terrorism. Both severely endanger the democratic foundations and, as such, the free life of people. Particularly the youth is threatened thereby.

The European youth must adapt more quickly and sustainably towards the new challenges posed by the 21st century and they thusly bear the consequences of these developments. The focus of developments in this century will be on climate change and the resulting problems such as the refugee crises, the destruction of the environment, wars for resources such as water, raw materials and clean air, as well as wars for religious and cultural reasons.

However, the European youth is not sufficiently involved in political, economic, social and cultural decision-making processes. Neither on a regional, national nor European level is the European youth sufficiently represented. Thereby is the point of all these issues exactly their future.

Globalisation increasingly shapes the political, economic, social and cultural life of the people. Digitisation, artificial intelligence and robotics are increasingly determining everyday life. In order to make the future peaceful and to meet the challenge of these new developments, access to education is indispensable for all. Education plays a central role in the integration of refugees in particular. Strengthening Europe firmly and successfully in the global world is a key challenge for which the European youth must be prepared.

In order to give young people the opportunity to contribute their own ideas, young people, politicians, entrepreneurs, journalists and scholars have joined. The goal is to create futureproof systems and to develop strategies and concepts that are understood by everyone.