About the initiative

My Europe 2100 e.V.

“My Europe 2100 e.V.” is an international, non-partisan, independent charity that unites students, politicians, business leaders, academics and journalists in workshops all over Europe. It was launched in 2011 by the Frankfurter Zukunftsrat (future think tank) and Viviane Reding, Member of European Parliament . In August 2016, the project “My Europe” became an officially registered charity with the name “My Europe 2100”. The aim of the charity is to give a voice to young people and enable them to shape the future of Europe by fostering awareness, curiosity, critical thinking, and above all, a sense of community and collective responsibility among Europe’s youth around a common future.

That´s what we do

All students, politicians, business leaders, academics and journalists who have in some form participated in or contributed to a workshop remain connected through the so-called European Excellence Network. It is an interactive, close-knit network that enables students to benefit from the vast knowledge and expertise of the initiative’s partners and prepares them for their professional careers. At the same time business partners, journalists and academics benefit from engaging with young and bright talents from all over Europe who bring fresh ideas to the table. Many students have had the opportunity to participate in interesting projects or enhance their career opportunities through internships due to contacts acquired during the workshops and other “My Europe” events.