Regina Caelilyceum

We are an ASO-school (= general education) in the green belt around Brussels, organised by a religious order. We are a Dutch-speaking school, but have students who come from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Currently there are some 1020 students (boys and girls) between 12 and 18 years old, 120 teachers and staff and 3 headmasters. In this  RC-community, we work as a team, striving for excellence in a positive school climate. We prepare our students for higher education (both professional and academic bachelor and master studies). Our curriculum is moreover characterized by many in and out of school activities on different levels: social, cultural, political, sportive… We try to include a European vision, not only by study trips to Paris, Berlin and Italy, but also by participating in European projects. We support our pupils to grow in responsibility. The baseline of our school is ‘quality with care’.