Instituto de Educación Secundaria Fortuny

The Instituto de Educación Secundaria Fortuny is a co-educational state secondary school set in the centre of Madrid, in an area rich in culture and heritage. It was created in 1981 and since 2010 it belongs to the network of bilingual centres of the Autonomous Community of Madrid that use English as a vehicular language in the Compulsory Secondary Education. At present 650 boys and girls coming from all over Madrid are studying in our school, and around 50 teachers, many of them as permanent staff, are working here. The school is involved in a lot of projects, such as exchanges with partners of France, Poland and Germany, and our students have participated in a wide range of contests at the local, regional and international level (e.g.: Theater Festivals; mathematical Olympiads; Global classrooms UN-model) and have been awarded in them on many occasions.