Get2Gather Moskau Skyline

Get2Gather 2017

Every two years, the independent charity My Europe 2100 organises an international youth conference, called Get2Gather, with the aim of bringing young people together and making their voices heard. The first Get2Gather took place in Frankfurt (2013), the second in Madrid (2015) and this year it will be in Moscow on 18-20 May 2017.

The participants are 100 students from 16 different countries in the EU, Switzerland and Turkey and 100 students from Russia.

The reason why we chose Moscow, was to bring young people from Europe and Russia together on the basis of common values.  ​In the face of political tensions and conflicts, we believe that it is important that the youth of today who will have to make the decisions tomorrow, will learn to know and respect the interests and needs of each other. With this youth conference we hope to lay a foundation for friendship, mutual understanding and a peaceful future.



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