Brussels Revolving Workshop

Brussels Revolving Workshop

On 20-21 November 2017 we held our second workshop in Brussels with 60 students of our My Europe schools Sacré-Coeur de Lindthout, Collège Saint-Michel de Bruxelles and Regina Caelilyceum. The workshop was held under the patronage of Viviane Reding, one of the founding members of My Europe and Chairwoman of the Board of Patrons of My Europe.

The first day took place at the Maison d’Ernest of Solvay. After a warm welcome of Prof. Dr. Pohl, founder of My Europe and Jelena Mitsiadis, Secretary General of My Europe, the students got the chance to discuss the topic ‘E-voting for the European Parliament’ with experts Alexis Brouhns (Solvay), Viviane Reding (former Vice-President of the European Commission) and Elisa Lironi (Digital Democracy Expert at ECAS).

We were extremely proud and happy that the panel discussion was moderated by two very active members of the Youth Council for the future: Alessandra Maffettone, former Chairwoman of the Youth Council for the Future and Armand Naessens, Project Coordinator of the Working Group Science & Technology.

All in all, the first day was a great success and we were all impressed by the engagement and language skills of the participating students.

On the second day, Journalism Day, we visited the premises of De Standaard where the students were welcomed by Karel Verhoeven, Editor-in-Chief of De Standaard. In discussions with journalists they learnt more about the role of the media and also how to write a good article which will be useful for the writing competition in December 2017 in which the students can take part.

Thank you to our corporate partners Solvay, our media partner De Standaard, our My Europe Schools and teachers from Sacré-Coeur de Lindthout, Collège Saint-Michel de Bruxelles and Regina Caelilyceum, Viviane Reding, Elisa Lironi, Alessandra Maffettone, Armand Naessens and of course all students who participated. We look forward to coming back to Brussels soon!

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