We are writing the year 2030. The European Union is in a state of real upheaval. Fundamental changes have been decided on by the new European Parliament on all levels: politically, economocally and socially.

Finally, the political Union will deliver on its promises, which were made in its beginnings and were honoured by the Nobel Prize for Peace in 2012: 1. to work for the good life of any single human being of the union, instead of being a platform for large enterprises and the rich. 2. to give shelter to refugees who have left their countries because of war, supression or economical disease, instead of letting them die in the Mediterranean Sea 3. to help other countries create peaceful and prosperous nations, instead of selling them weapons and exploiting their economy.

What has happend?

The two thousand-twenties were affected by massive protests and radical resistance against the existing system and political practice in Europe, which led more and more people into unemployment, homelessness and hopelessness while, on the other hand, a small circle of rich and influental people became richer and more unscrupulous than ever before.

First, the youth started to protest. Thousands of unemployed teenagers and young adults stood up against the economic sytem, which gave them no chance to make their own lives. After years of receiving false promises and empty speeches by the European politicans – which led in the end to nothing – the youth was fed up.

National youth organizations started to cooperate and found ed the UEYF – United European Youth for Fairness. They demonstrated all over Europe, blockaded the local and national parliaments and met several times in Brussels to demand their rights.

Thus, social media especially, were essential in organizing the international communication. It proved to be a platform which was used by other social groups, whose life had become more and more difficult. Fascinated by the international solidarity of the youth, other groups followed their example to require their rights: The UESH – United Europeen Social and Health Workers was rejoined by nurses, doctors, carergivers of elderly, social and welfare workers. The UEET – United Europeen Educators and Teachers was rejoined by all groups of people working for education and was started by people working in kindergardens up to professors of universites. The UEC – United Europeen Craftsmen was rejoined by all sorts of craftsmen, from carpenters and hairdressers to bakers and mechanics. The UEFLO – United Europeen Farms and Lifestock Owners and so on and so on.

This is only a short selection of the political movements created by the people and not by the parties. Already existing political groups joined them, too, like

– Attak
– Transperancy International
– the Occupy Movement
– Annonymous

The resistance and protest rose up all over European countries. It was creative and peaceful. And it grew greater and greater while the politicians continued to give false promises. They started to suppress the resistance by their enforcement of police and army, intelligence apparatus and surveillance. Slowly, the prisons were filled with innocents. But, the movement could not be stopped anymore.

An the end of 2028, the „Free Jounalists for Europe“ and „WikiLeaks“ published at the same time, in all European countries, their discoveries of the collaberation of politicans, lobbyists and large enterprises. They could prove that most of the national and European politicans were corrupt and had been putting a large amount of money, land, cars, and real estate in their pockets.

At that moment, the police and the army changed sides. They started to protect the protestors and arrested every single politican who had been involved in corruption.

After that, the parliaments were nearly empty. They rested on only a handfull of politicians who had not merged with dirty businesses and bad influence. Re-elections were necessary in all European countries. This time the nationalist, racist and conservative parties lost most of all their voters. Socialists, the greens, and a lot of new parties and impartial people won the elections.

This was in the beginning of 2030 – the beginning of an new era for Europe and all countries influenced by the politics of Europe.